Find information about our 17th annual Lobsterfest here.
Fun facts about Lobsters:
  • Lobsters can't lungs or vocal chords
  • They taste with their legs
  • They're cannibals!
  • The meat is high in protein and is not fattening...3.5 oz is only 96 cal with just 2 gm of fat! Of course that's why you never see a fat lobster!
  • And FYI all the calories are in the butter...groan
  • The blood is clear...that's the white on the plate next time you look
  • Lobsters urinate with their eyes...and face to face as an act of communication...interesting eh?
  • The female only mates after she has exited her shell...strange but true!
  • Their teeth are located in their stomach...makes sense, no need for a mouth
  • The green stuff inside is called tomalley. This is the digestive system and is considered a delicacy...yum!
And oh yeah...Lobsterfest?
Date: Saturday, May 9th 2020
Venue: St. John's Hall, 2185 Stave Bank Road
Price: $85 per person
Tickets available by email or by web
Extra Info
  • Cash Bar Opens at 6pm
  • Food Served at 7pm
  • PEI Lobster, chicken, salads, rolls, and desserts served at your table
  • There will be a DJ and a dance floor available
  • A raffle will be held in the evening
  • A table of 10 is $850 and includes 2 bottles of wine
  • A tax receipt for $40 per ticket will be issued upon request. Mississauga West Rotary Club Foundation charity BN/Registration # 81501 6043 RR0001
Here are the communities that gain support from our proceeds: