Every year, the Rotary Club of Mississauga West warmly embraces the holiday spirit, bringing joy to families at Armagh House

As we do annually, the Rotary Club of Mississauga West extends its support to the Armagh House Holiday Party, an initiative aimed at bringing joy to mothers and children residing in this shelter during the holiday season. This year's celebration took place on Monday, December 11th. Once again, our club generously donated funds to purchase gifts for all 32 children and provided gift certificates for the 19 women at the shelter. Additionally, we included mittens for each individual, with the mothers receiving the special treat of homemade apple butter.

Our Japanese Rotary Exchange Student, dressed in a gingerbread man costume, contributed to the festive atmosphere, providing many smiles. The event also featured student volunteers impersonating Santa and Princess Ariel, further enhancing the celebratory mood. Dee, Kumee, and Betty Jo undertook the thoughtful task of purchasing all the gifts. They were later joined by Heather, Judy, Liz, and Aparna for a gift-wrapping party, where they meticulously sorted, wrapped, and tagged the gifts.

The party attendees included Liz, Pieter, Dee, Judy, Sho, and Betty Jo, all of whom contributed to the success of this heartwarming event