Rotary projects around the globe September 2023 | Rotary International 


If you are looking for some inspiring stories of how Rotary clubs around the world are making a difference in their communities, you might want to check out this page. It features various service projects done by Rotarians, such as:

- **Rotary Club service projects**: The Rotary Club of Seminole Lake, Florida, has built playgrounds, distributed clothing and wheelchairs, and provided medical screenings for children in Belize¹[1].
- **Tide pool exhibit in Florida**: The exhibit showcases the biodiversity of the Indian River Lagoon and allows visitors to see and touch various marine animals. It is funded by District 6970 and two Rotary clubs.
- **Seniors on Wheels project in Ontario**: The project aims to reduce the isolation of older people by offering them rides on cycle rickshaws along the St. Lawrence River. It is supported by two Rotary clubs and the city government.
- **Plastics recycling and youth employment project in India**: The project employs young people to collect and process plastic bottles into chips that are sold to recyclers²[2]. The project is backed by a global grant and an award from an environmental engineering academy.
- **Fire walk charity event in England**: The event involved participants walking across hot coals to raise money for various charities. The event was organized by the Rotary Club of Newton Abbot and a professional fire walking company.

These are just some examples of how Rotary club members are using their skills, resources, and passion to serve others. To read more about these and other projects, visit this page. You might be inspired to join or support a Rotary club near you.