Camp Enterprise

What is Camp Enterprise?

Camp Enterprise is an extensive three-day camp offering students the opportunity to participate in leadership activities. The programme consists of a series of panels, presentations and discussions on the subject of business and the free enterprise system where students can interact with business leaders. Camp Enterprise involves:

  • Face-to-face opportunities to discuss issues
  • An insight into business concepts
  • An opportunity to build skills in the Art of Negotiation
  • Presentations on the Private Enterprise system
  • An opportunity to develop teamwork skills
  • Challenging team games
  • Panel discussions
  • A chance to meet and speak with today's business leaders
  • Inspirational speakers
  • An opportunity to forge new friendships

What is the objective of Camp Enterprise?

The objective of Camp Enterprise is to expose, to challenge and spur student's imagination on the whole subject of business and private enterprise.

The programme is intended to provide students with a broad view of professional, business and management careers. The programme presents business and management as challenging positions offering enormous personal satisfaction, allowing the individual to exercise maximum creativity and providing endless opportunities.