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Rotary In ACTION!

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RC Mississauga West Rotarians in action! Congratulations Sajjad Jiwaji and all club members who walked and raised money for Armagh House. Second highest fundraising team!
Rotary In ACTION! 2022-03-29 04:00:00Z 0
Coldest Night of the Year Feb 26, 2022 Sajjad Jiwaji 2022-03-20 04:00:00Z 0

Giving At Christmas

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Mississauga West Rotarians running a Christmas party for families at a shelter. Missing Mike, Dee and Camilla in this photo. Great job everyone!
Giving At Christmas 2021-12-08 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Ribfest Drive-through style 2021

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As 2021 unfolded and we found ourselves still in the clutches of COVID.  For the first time ever, we ran two Ribfest events in one year in support of the increasing needs within the community. Our sponsors, friends, and community leaders came to the table not only once but twice, to support Rotary’s efforts and to that we say THANK YOU!
Rotary Ribfest Drive-through style 2021 Dave Haigh 2021-11-07 04:00:00Z 0

Dreaming of a Polio FREE World

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#1 mission of Rotary-eradication of polio from our planet is so close! The war against polio is almost won. Only two countries not yet polio free and each of these countries remain at only one case this year. Vaccinations around the world must continue to be vigilant. Let's hope that by 2024 the world will be declared polio free!
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Paul Harris 2019

Last Tuesday, June 4, 2019 was the award night for our Paul Harris winners. The Paul Harris Fellowship Award is one of the highest honours Rotary can bestow upon a person. Recipients are Rotarians and community professionals, in recognition of their outstanding contributions, exemplifying the highest ideal in Rotary in placing “SERVICE ABOVE SELF.”
A complete list of the Paul Harris winners this year:
  • Tehreem Kamal
  • Ulrich J. Krull
  • Bernie Varcoe
  • Patricia Snyder
  • Jack Scofield
  • Matthew Wilkinson
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Rotary Internet Auction 2018 2019-02-20 05:00:00Z 0 auction,donation,rotary club of mississauga west
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Carolling in the Park 2018

Carolling in the Park has been a "happening" in Memorial Park in Port Credit for more than 40 years.
Coordinated by the Port Credit Business Association with both Rotary and the Port Credit Lions Club, this year’s event drew a record crowd to start the Christmas season with a hot drink around the bonfire,  and sing familiar carols with the help of the Salvation Army band.
Over 400 pounds weight of non-perishable food items and over $200 in cash donations were collected in support of The Compass, our local food bank and community outreach centre.
A big “thank you” to our community,  to the band, and to the young people from the Mississauga Festival Children’s choir for all of your contributions.   See you next year!
Carolling in the Park 2018 Brian Dixon 2018-11-26 05:00:00Z 0
Movies in the Park 2018 Brian Dixon 2018-06-30 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club Supporting the Mississauga Marathon

Posted on May 17, 2018
The Rotary Club of Mississauga has been supporting the annual Mississauga Marathon. Shown in the pictures are Rotary Members serving the Marathon participants with drinks at the recent event on May 6, 2018.
Tsegaye Dissasa of Toronto was the mens and overall winner with a time of 2:31:29 while Clemence Vauzelle of Etobicoke led the women with a time of 3:02:17
Rotary Club Supporting the Mississauga Marathon Virgie Ong 2018-05-17 04:00:00Z 0


Grandmothers - The Unsung heroes of Africa & the Canadian Sisterhood that supports them

On April 10, 2018 enjoy a lively presentation with videos, songs and discussion to learn how African grandmothers, left to care for their grandchildren orphaned by the AIDS pandemic, have become resilient, thanks to support from Canadian grandmothers and the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  The presentation, from Oomama, one of 240 Canadian grandmother groups, will entertain, inspire and inform you.  Don't miss it!

Pat McKee is a retired University of Toronto professor in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy. She recently travelled with the Stephen Lewis Foundation to take part in a gathering of 250 grandmothers in Tanzania. This presentation will include photos and impressions from her first-hand experiences in Africa.

This will be a Partner's night, so put the date on your calendars right away!

"Oomama" Brian Dixon 2018-01-27 05:00:00Z 0

Carolling at the Park 2017

The Rotary Club of Mississauga West once again joined this 43rd annual community tradition of Carolling at the Park held at the Memorial Park in Port Credit, Mississauga Ontario. This was attended by Rotarians Al Maclean, Bryce English, David Schirmer, Fred Lawlor, Michael Cleland, Derek Peters, Brian Dixon & Spouse Ada. The Club received 400 lbs of Food Donation and $300 Cash that will be given to the Compass, a food bank charitable institution.
Attached are some pictures from the event
Carolling at the Park 2017 Virgie Ong 2017-12-16 05:00:00Z 0

Food Order - Rotary Mississauga West Meetings



Hello Rotarians, Friends, and Guests,

Kindly inform us of your attendance and ANY GUESTS you may wish to bring to our next Club meeting.

Please click on the link below to go to Mississauga West Clubrunner site to complete the RSVP:

https://portal.clubrunner.ca/1 02/







The requested deadline to respond is Monday by 10 AM.

Your prompt response helps us to order the correct number of meals. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Food Order - Rotary Mississauga West Meetings 2017-11-13 05:00:00Z 0

Peel Regional Science Fair


Peel Region and Canada Wide Science Fairs

Peel Region Science Fair 2017 was a successful event  held on April 25 & 26 at UTM (University of Toronto at Mississauga) with the participation of about 120 students and 100 projects.  The participants are students ranging from Grade 7 to Grade 12 enrolled in the Peel region. The projects included navigation for the visually impaired using cellphone and software, smart helmet to detect minor brain damage, harnessing tidal energy for power and water desalination. 

A team of 12 students among the award winners qualified for and  were chosen to represent the Peel region at the Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF) held at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan during May 14 to 20. There were about 500 students from across Canada who participated in CWSF 2017.

The Peel team had an outstanding success at CWSF with 10 students (out of 12 who participated) winning awards that included 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 5 Bronze. The best project at our Science Fair in Mississauga also won the Gold and a Special award, " Youth Can Innovate " at CWSF. The students developed a navigation system for the visually impaired using software and cellphone.
Editor's Note: A big "thank you" to Krish Murti who has guided the Peel Regional Science Fair for many years.  The success of this project, and therefore of the many students who have benefitted from it over the years, is very largely due to Krish's efforts.
Peel Regional Science Fair Krish Murti 2017-04-24 04:00:00Z 0

Mississauga Lakeshore Club programmes

Posted by Brian Dixon on Apr 04, 2017
The community events which have long been a part of the Mississauga Lakeshore Club's activities, will be continuing in 2017 as part of the newly combined club.  (Of course, events such as Camp Enterprise, which have long been part of the tradition for both clubs, will also be continuing.)  We look forward to the opportunities for all our members to work together on the following:
Participation will continue in 2017
Participation will continue in 2017
After 43 years, a continuance of support will occur for The Compass as food hampers are filled at this event
This event will continue in 2017.
Again this summer (2017) on Friday evenings in July and August, Movies in the Park will be held in Memorial Park in Port Credit. Movies are family in nature and begin at dusk. While admission is free, donations are welcome to assist in deferring the costs. More pictures are available in the Photo Albums.
 For more information please go to the Movies in the Park website (http://www.rotarymovienights.com/).
Support for Armagh House
Armagh house is a "first of its class" Second-stage , or transitional housing, that provides support for women who have left abusive relationships, helping them make plans for independent living.
The Lakeshore Club has been actively supporting Armagh House over the years, whether it is with supplies, room renovations, or other services.  This service will also be continuing.   For more information visit www.armaghhouse.ca.
Mississauga Lakeshore Club programmes Brian Dixon 2017-04-04 04:00:00Z 0

50th. Anniversary project approaches completion

Our Club's 50th. Anniversary project, the basketball court for disadvantaged youth at Colonial Terrace in Erin Mills is essentially complete - it's just missing the planned Rotary plaque!.  In cooperation with the City of Mississauga and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) a court for basketball and other sports was opened with a big bash on Friday, October 7.  
This has been far from a smooth process - there have been numerous delays and misunderstandings which delayed the official opening, 
Much credit is due to our former president, Rick Blake, who has shepherded this project since it was first proposed, and now sees his efforts coming to fruition.  Thank you, Rick.
There was a barbecue (courtesy of Maple Lodge Farms) and other booths to make October 7 a very special day.  Several hundred youth were present at the opening ceremony or checked it out in the first few hours of its being open.  In addition to a great turnout of faces from our Club, local youth leaders, representatives fro MLSE and from the City of Mississauga were all present.
There are numerous pictures of the event on our Club's Facebook page.
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Exchange Student up-date.

Rotary's student exchange programme is one of our most popular programmes;  there will be discussions soon as to whether our club can support in in-bound student from Australia starting in January (the beginning of the school year in the southern hemisphere).  
In the meantime, we have news both from our out-bound student to Finland, Kyle, and from our in-bound student, Tyler, who is from New Zealand.  Kyle is having a great time, but understandably, finding the language tough.  He has sent a picture of a banner exchange with his host Rotary Club.  Tyler, our in-bound student from New Zealand has been on a canoe trip, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Peterborough-Kaartha, designed to build cross-cultural links with our first Nations people.  Here is a link to information about the trip from the Peterborough Club:  http://portal.clubrunner.ca/220/Stories/six-day-canoe-trip  
The Peterborough television station carried a news item about the trip, including a brief interview with Tyler:  Click here to watch:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jww7f8UkRks


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Lobsterfest 2015

Posted by Brian Dixon

Lobsterfest 2015 was held on Saturday, May 23 2015.  

The biggest fundraiser of the year operated by our club alone was again very successful.  Nearly 500 happy people enjoyed fresh PEI lobster, good wine, and good music.  Although the amount raised is not yet finalized, Lobsterfest will enable our club to continue its support of many worthwhile charities in Mississauga and further afield.  

Thanks to everyone - participants and Rotarians - for your hard work and support.

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News from our exchange student.

Posted by Brian Dixon

NOTE:  Travis has now returned, and has given us a personal account of his year in Italy.  However, his written account from earlier in the year is being left accessible as if you have a young family member or friend thinking about an exchange programme, Travis's description may be all the inspiration they need!   (It's lengthy, but too good to edit!) For some excellent pictures, click HERE

From deep in the Italian Po river valley:

Buongiorno a tutti,

January 27th... it’s January 27th! Where has the time gone? So much has changed in my 5 months here that I can hardly imagine my life before exchange. Italy is no longer a series of facts and numbers crammed into my head with jumbled notes about the renaissance and a picture of Venice and the Coliseum. No, Italy has come to be a series of beautiful people and amazing memories irreversibly intertwined with my own life. No longer does thinking about this place make me nervous about the future and doubt my abilities. Today I am fully confident I will be fluent in Italian by the time of my return. Moreover, I feel like I could go anywhere in the world and find some niche in which I could successfully apply myself. Months of relative isolation and hardship from a lack of language skills and homesickness have given way to a liberating sense of individuality and freedom of petty worries. My high school years, with all their drama and anxieties, seem nearly insignificant. These five months have been the beginning of a new life in which I am simultaneously the most individual I have ever been and the most dependent on good character of those I meet in my travels.

My current host family, the Albertonis have done so much for me since I arrived. My host father Franco truly treats me like a son. As a high level local government official he can answer all my endless questions with ease. Sometimes we end up taking endless detours through the Cremonese countryside to thoroughly explain the system of dikes that prevents the river from sprawling hundreds of kilometers wide across the floodplains. Other nights we’ll discuss Italian immigration policy over a game of chess -  or three. My host mother Laura is equally brilliant and best of all, makes huge breakfasts everyday to satisfy my enormous morning appetite. Moreover, they provide such freedom that I never miss out on spending time with friends and making the experiences that define exchange all the while actively seeking to include me in family trips around Italy.

In just 5 months I’ve seen perhaps more than in my entire life prior. I’ve climbed the great torrazzo of Cremona enough times to start keeping a PB time for climbing the 257 steps to the top. I’ve hiked up the pre-Alps into the clouds above Brescia. I’ve danced like no one was watching with complete strangers at the disco. I’ve wandered Milan by streetcar with my gut feeling as guide. I’ve prayed in Cathedrals nearly a thousand years old. Best of all, I’ve met and shared time with people whose lives so foreign to me have improbably crossed into my own for the time being.

            The Po valley of Italy or Padana,  far from the freshly paved subdivisions of Mississauga, is a nation with deep roots. Everywhere you go it seems people are dying to give you their little piece of wisdom, whether it be the “correct” way of producing parmigiana cheese - a dead serious rivalry in these parts - or a dialectic proverb. Strangely, inspired by the passion of the Italians, I find myself feeling greater connection to Canada than ever before.

To both the Rotary Clubs of Mississauga-Dixie and Mississauga West along with everyone else back in 7080 who make youth exchange possible I am forever grateful! Grazie mille!

Ciao signori, ci vediamo.


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Travelogue farewell

Posted by Brian Dixon

An article in Spirit of the City magazine for May/June 2014 commemmorates Pieter Kool's long time contributions to our community through the Travelogue programme, now sadly at an end.

To read the article, click here. 

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Easter Seals Christmas party - Video from Rogers

Posted by Brian Dixon

Rogers Community Channel has made avaialble a video of the 2013  annual Easter Seals Christmas Party on Sunday November 24, at the Vic Johnson arena in Streetsville.  Click  HERE  to view it.  Children from more than 60 families, many seriously physically challenged, enjoyed crafts, face painting, an amazing magician and a snowball fight with some of Peel Region's finest police officers.  The highlight was of course a visit from the jolly old fellow himself, taking a few minutes out from his work up at the North Pole.  Needless to say, Santa brought a present for each of the children (with just a little organizational assistance from the two Rotary Clubs.)  Everyone - not least the volunteers - had a great time.

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Rotary News for Trivia Buffs.

Posted by Brian Dixon


Chris Offer, a Rotarian from Ladner, BC has put together an "ínfographic"  with some fascinating numbers about Rotary in Canada.  To see it, click HERE

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Lobsterfest a great success!

Posted by Brian Dixon


Lobsterfest was a great success, enjoyed by all those who attended.  A big "thank you" to all the Rotarians who put so much time and effort into making this event work so well, thanks to the students and adult volunteers who made the evening run so smoothly, and of course a huge thank you to all those companies and individuals who donated raffle and door prizes, that added much excitement to the evening.

Lobsterfest a great success! Brian Dixon 0

Annual Science Fair

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The annual Peel Science Fair, a project of our Club for many years under the direction of Krish Murti, is coming up soon. This year it's being held on a weekend, to make it easier for you to show your support in person.

Annual Science Fair 0

Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation is Rotary's own charity, whose mandate is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.  Many of our members are "Sustaining members" - Rotarians who give at least the equivalent of $100 US per year to the Foundation.  Please consider joining them.  For further information on Foundation in the form of a short video, please click here.
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Committee Roster

Posted by Brian Dixon
Do you want to find out who does what in the Club?  Do you have some fund raising ideas, or suggestions for speakers and want to know who to pass them on to?    Log in, click on "Admin" and you will find all this information and more in the "Club Document" file.  The Committee Roster file has been corrected and updated, and is a good place to begin.
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Past Presidents - First 10 Years

Posted by Bart Wassmansdorf

Since 1965, the Rotary Club of Mississauga West
has had a long list of distinguished persons as leaders.
The roster for the first ten years follows:

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